The Digital Index of Middle English Verse
Found Records:
Cambridge UK, Cambridge University Library Gg.1.1
Linguistic note: McIntosh, Samuels, and Benskin (1986) and Benskin, Laing, Karaiskos, and Williamson (2013) 1.67 (Ireland [MHE]: 122-134v; 476v-479v; 489v-490 [literatum copyist); (NME: ff. 328v seq.);
Number 3124-6
1.   ff. 122ra-134vb   Listeneth now I will you tell / Of mickle pity I may you spell
‘Northern Passion’
Number 4372-3
2.   f. 239v   Piked him and diked him
Song of the Scots at the Siege of Berwick by Edward I, inserted in Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle — 12 lines
Number 4269-2
3.   f. 340v   On green
The Messenger’s Speech to Balliol, inserted in Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle and Robert Mannyng’s Chronicle — one 6-line stanza (preceded by two French stanzas)
Number 1384-3
4.   f. 341   For Scots / Tell I for sots
A song of victory over the Scots inserted in Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle — one 6-line stanza
Number 5283-3
5.   ff. 341-341v   The foot folk
Song on the victory of the English at Dunbar inserted in Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle and Robert Mannyng of Brunne’s Chronicle — one 12-line stanza, aabccbddeffe
Number 1340-3
6.   f. 342v   For Balliol bred in his book
English abuse of John Balliol inserted in Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle — two six-line stanzas (preceded by a French stanza)
Number 538-2
7.   f. 343v   And so may men ken
Song against the Scots inserted in Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle — 5 Anglo-Norman and 2 Middle English stanzas; and in Robert Manning of Brunne — 7 variant stanzas
Number 1397-1
8.   f. 345v   For there were they bal[?] burned
English abuse against the Scots after Dunbar in one MS of Peter Langtoft’s Chronicle — nine lines
Number 2800-2
9.   ff. 476v-479v   Jesu Christ all this worlds read
The Proverbs of Hendyng
Number 399-2
10.   f. 479v   All too late all too late / when the wain is at the gate
A proverb, translating Tardam crede moram cum plaustrum stat prope portam — one couplet
Number 6621.6-1
11.   f. 489vb   Whoso maked of a clerk earl [Wos maket of a clerc hurle]
Of the evils of the times, including having a child king (Edward II?) — two couplets